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FirePointe Technologies
James Martin
Chairman/CEO, FirePointe Technologies
Director, Internet Services

James Martin is the senior officer of FirePointe technologies, and has served the company for a longer tenure than any other employee. Before coming to FirePointe in 1997 (from 1997-98 FirePointe was known as 750 Interactive, and in 1998 it merged with Harnett Central CIS to form FirePointe Technologies), Martin was head of the Cape Fear Center for Advanced Electronic Mediums, a scouting web design group, from 1995-97, and director or the Cape Fear District, Boy Scouts of America web design group. This consortium published the popular "CFCAEM Network" of scouting sites, which in three years yielded over 2,000,000 visits. Also during this time, James went into socio-philisophical journalism, writing several articles explaining psychophysical attributes and empiratical debates, along with critical essays on modern society. Martin also saw the formation of the modern internet, with experience going back to 1992. James is currently enrolled both at Harnett Central High School and Campbell University where he studies sacred music and greek.

Joseph Adams
President/CFO, FirePointe Technologies

Joseph Adams joined the FirePointe team in 1999, after he and chairman James Martin were students in latin and introductory business correspondence together. Also COO of Adams Farm Supply, Joseph has become the head of the FirePointe Bureau of Financial Administration, Marketing, and Management. He is currently enrolled at Harnett Central High School and resides in Angier, North Carolina.

Henry Sowell
Executive Director, FirePointe Press

Henry Sowell has served FirePointe since 1998, and was technical director of Research Triangle CIS when it merged with 750 Interactive to form FirePointe Technologies. He came into the FirePointe organization through James Martin, a friend through scouting and member of the school association table they both sat in. Originally from Reno, Nevada, Sowell has continued to provide FirePointe with expertise in internet publishing, software evaluation, and marketing. Named Chairman Pro Tempore by Martin, a rare honor, Sowell is considered one of the most important members of the FirePointe organization today.

Fred Powell
Executive Director, FirePointe Multimedia

Fred Powell, along with Henry Sowell, was employed by RTCIS as assistant Technical Director. Originally from New York, NY, Powell was a major principal of the RTCIS Media Group, which post merger became FirePointe Multimedia. Powell currently resides in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina and is enrolled at Harnett Central High School.

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